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For more than 20 years, Shanshan has been leading the industry direction of China’s fashion industry as the leading enterprise of China’s clothing industry. Since the date of establishment, Shanshan has determined to “create the first famous brand of western-style clothes in China”, thus it firstly put forward a systematic brand development strategy in China’s clothing industry in its forward-looking vision and put forth effort to create Shanshan brand. Later, in its peak time, “Shanshan” had more than 3400 stores and its composite market share was 38.4%, becoming the well-deserved first brand of China’s western-style clothes.

On the basis of successfully creating Shanshan brand, in 2001, Shanshan officially started up the strategy of “multi-brands & globalization” to form the brand system that integrates “core brand, international brand, original brand”.

At the same time of brand operation, Shanshan successfully set foot in the field of production and trade of knitting clothing.